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Our Team

The team at Fidatezza is professional and friendly. Holding the highest qualifications in accounting is important, as it enables the best and reliable services.

The Fidatezza specialists have extensive financial, commercial and business-related experience. They are qualified bookkeepers and accountants with some having over two decades of professional experience in their metier. Working with a wide variety of clients, our staff communicate with people working and owning businesses in many different industries.

Fidatezza’s clients speak about our staff as being always approachable, reliable, efficient, and many happily wrote a review via the VouchedForplatform for accountants, lawyers and advisers.

Fidatezza provides accounting and financial advice for start-ups, small businesses and entrepreneurs. 24/7 support and advice. Our team members communicate in Czech, Slovak, Hungarian, Polish and Romanian too. Self-employed individuals can contact the team members about a self-assessment tax return, about cross-border advice and in case of a dispute, about small claims court representation.

We have been working with many of our clients since they first started their business, playing a key role in advising and nurturing them as they grow. By working closely with you, we can ensure that our services are tailored to your individual needs.

At Fidatezza we love what we do and it is important for us to communicate often complicated legal terms in a practical and uncomplicated way to help you understand what needs to be done. We are not boring as we always enjoy bringing context and colour into numbers.

Veronica Keates, a member of our team, is a certified mentor and passionate about sharing her knowledge and expertise with young professionals. Mutual trust and openness are important to succeed, that is why Veronica regularly communicates with her mentees, aware of sensible boundaries to avoid informal friendships.

Sometimes the experience with accountants can be frustrating and very time-consuming. We are very aware of the importance of efficient work, and that is why we are always available to answer your questions. The Fidatezza team offers services and advice to equip you with even more confidence to grow your business.

Clients with additional needs

We are aware that communication isn’t always easy, and it becomes even more challenging if you have additional health-related needs. Please let us know as soon as you approach/contact us about challenges you are facing on a daily basis and we will focus on your preferred form of communication. Please note that when you inform us about a speech impairment, disorders and challenges related to mental health or other – we will react to any sensitive information with due care, keep it confidential and not share with third parties (Data Protection Act / GDPR).


Top Rated Financial Adviser, 2023 Guide published in The Times

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