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Small businesses face many challenges from increasing brand awareness, building email lists, finding customers, to hiring talented people, financial planning and managing workflow.

The initial phase of your business is often filled with various problems and the pressure to simultaneously manage your accounts can become unbearable.

If you don’t get professional advice at the right time, your business might not survive.

According to the Federation of Small Businesses (fsb UK), in 2020 there were estimated to be 6.0 million private sector businesses, and 4.6 million of these had no employees.*

Are you doing everything alone? You don’t have to. Hiring a professional accounting service provider has many benefits. Not only will a professional take care of the paperwork and help you understand your legal obligations and tax liabilities, but the most important thing is that you will focus on your core business, on all the activities you are passionate about.

Fidatezza professionals are nice and approachable. They offer support when you need it, as it is tailored to your needs.

Below a short summary of benefits, Fidatezza offers to small businesses:

  • Multi-lingual communication, you can communicate in your mother tongue. You can communicate with us in English, German, Czech, Slovak, Hungarian, Russian and Romanian.
  • Support also in the evening and over the weekend. We understand how it feels when one has to wait many days for a reply, particularly when facing a difficult situation. This is why we avoid it.
  • Efficient communication based on trust with entrepreneurs facing long-term health-related challenges.

Even if you do have a good understanding of accounting, you need to consider if it’s worth your time, because dealing with the financial matters on a daily basis can mean that you aren’t focusing on expanding your business.

*Source: https://www.fsb.org.uk/uk-small-business-statistics.html

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